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Default Galaxy Player 5.0 Wifi issues with screen time out

I've recently noticed that if I let my player's screen time out while I'm connected to wifi, it seems to either lose the signal or disconnect from the router. It's kind of annoying since it makes me unable to leave the wifi on with the screen timed out and still get notifications from Apps.

Is there any way to fix it so it'll stay connected with the screen off? Some setting somewhere I've missed (I've already found the Wifi Sleep Policy, which isn't helping)? Is this something I'd have to root the player to deal with? Any help would be appreciated
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I didn't have that problem but I did have a number of others issues with wifi on my Galaxy Player 4.0. I didn't have it disconnect on sleep but it would under other random circumstances. It was particularly frustrating because just trying to connect again wouldn't work when it happened. When it disconnected on it's own the only way to get it to connect again waas to reset the wifi device it had been connected to. Just having it forget it and signing on again didn't work.

Rooting it and installing a custom rom fixed all the wifi problems. All my connections are instant and rock solid now. I don't know if just rooting it was what solved the problem. I went to a custom rom at the same time I rooted it so I can't be sure what part of the process was what fixed my wifi issues.

I have the SGP 4.0 not the 5.0 so I don't know if my experience translates directly. You might want to wait until someone that has a 5.0 posts. They may have a solution that isn't the PIA rooting can be.
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And for an update, I did what I should have done in first place and checked the support stuff on Samsung's site. Turns out their troubleshooting had a solution: factory reset. It appears to have worked, though I need to give it a little more testing just to be sure.

Official support actually has answers... who knew?
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