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Default Recover deleted data after factory reset

My device begins running slowly in recent as there are so many files put on that device. I decide to clear up the things on the device, then I backed up my data and did a factory reset. However, when I restore data from my backup, only a portion of my data is stored within the backup. I am wondering whether I can get back my 100% data back? Please help!

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Internal memory or Ram card?
HOW did you copy/back it up??

There is a DOWN and dirty trick, with most of these devices..You OPEn the device tot he main DIR..SELECT ALL and just COPY it to a NEW DIR on the hard drive..
Unless there is a Physical error, it would copy all of it..

I dont like programs that SAY they will do this for you. its easier to DO IT my way then check the data, to make sure it worked..

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The Galaxy players are android devices. The information that's needed to back them up is in partitions that aren't visible in an exterior file manager. Copying and pasting what's visible to and from the device a file manager does nothing but waste time. The info needed for a backup isn't there and pasting back a copy of what you saw doesn't install a backup in a way the system on the player needs to use it.

Backing up android devices can be done by using the recovery manager, the internal facility provided by the rom or through ADB. If the backup doesn't contain all the information needed for a full restore and you've wiped most likely that info is gone permanently. *Nix based OSes are very thorough when it comes to reclaiming space by getting rid of anything the user says isn't needed.

If you haven't used it much since the wipe you might be able to reclaim the information using a file recovery tool. I don't have any experience with those so I'm not sure how effective they are or which one might be better than another.

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Heh. Turns out this was put here to be a spam magnet. I'll leave the thread but close it. Someone might find what's said by ECA or me helpful someday.

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