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Default IEMs, $250+, detachable cable.

I'm looking for a new IEM to try but want certain criteria to be met before any recommendations/purchases are made.

1) I've generally been working my way through dkft's sticky spreadsheet. I've had/tried (going from top to bottom on that spreadsheet);

Etymotic Er6, V-Moda Vibe, Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5, Hippo VB, Soundmagic E10 and E30's and now my current IEM the Panasonic RP-HJE900's (tho non modded).

I'm looking for an IEM that is generally accepted as better (in every department) than all of those, specifically my latest and most worn IEMs the Panasonics.

2) I'll be wearing these at the gym and work. I wear all my IEMs with the cable taken behind the ears. The better the design for taking them back the better. If they are IEMs not styled for this purpose then I don't want to know about them.

3) I'm happy to spend a fair amount on these, but because the price could be high I'd be very interested if they came with a detachable cable. I don't have the kind of income whereby I can replace $300 IEMs once every 18-24 months because of cable breakage, but I can afford to buy a replacement cable at $30 etc.
The cheaper the better, I'm well aware that price does not always equal better sound, My Soundmagic E10's come close to the Sony XBA3's I've had and they're worth $350 vs the $30 for the E10's...

I'm starting to think that once you have experienced sound such as what the Panasonic RP-HJE900's give then yer not likely to improve upon that regardless of the price of IEM...


I realise this spreadsheet is kinda outdated now, perhaps IEM tech has moved on. I'm curious to hear Jeven's Sony XBA-H1...

EDIT: Oh... forgot point 4) I need the future IEMs to take triple flange tips as these seem to be the ones that best fit my ears on all IEMs I have tried.
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