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Default Converting the Format is optional, or not?

Below is a copy of a message I left with Creative.

I just started trying to move video files to my new Zen Vision: M. On occassion, the Media Explorer tells me that the video format is not supported (even though it is in Windows Media Player) and that the file has to be converted. Sometimes it says certain files can be played, and Converting the Format is optional.

The first file I converted and played locked up at the end of the video. I have as yet to retry this, as I had to use the pin in the hole technique to restart the player! Other files made odd noises. These sounds went away when I converted them. Another set of videos only had sound out of the right headphone. They normally are stereo when played on PC. Even when I converted these, they only had sound on the right side. PlaysforSure is not happening!

With the included video converter, there are three options for conversion. First, Best Quality (longest conversion time), second, Good Quality, and last Optimal File Size. Then I compared the file sizes. I don't understand the 1 pass and 2 pass part. Is this for sound or video? I also wished that I had the 640x480 option. All output is 320x240. I don't have the adaptor for video out, so I suppose it doesn't matter for now. I did find this link:

Creative Video Support

Thanks Creative for that help.

I am not that upset, yet. But, I do wish there was more explanation on how things should be set up for the player. I do enjoy figuring some things out. But I don't want to waste too much time with every other file I load into the device. Especially when the software and hardware are giving me conflicting info. I hope this is a firmware issue that can be quickly resolved. If anyone who reads this has any advice or workarounds please reply.

Thank you,

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