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Default Preventing dust from going under the screen.

As others have already mentioned, dust can easily get under the screen. An easy solution would be to cover the usb connection and the memory expansion slot with tape, but this would be impractical, because the usb connection, while being the largest entry point for dust, need to be frequently used. Covering these holes would have limited efficiency because dust can still get through other interstices (between the buttons/jog wheel and the front cover, for example).

Anyway, there is no real need to make the whole inside of the e200 to be dust-proof. Dust is unlikely to interfere with the mechanisms (buttons, jog wheel and hold switch.)

Altough if you, like me, are using your Sansa e200 in a dusty environment, you may have found out that it doesn't take that long for an annoying amount of dust to become stuck under the screen. I was tired of taking my Sansa apart every few weeks to clean the screen, so I found an efficient way to make it dust-proof.

Basically, I installed a gasket between the screen and the front cover. Sandisk tought about it: there is already a gasket there, but it is poorly designed and inefficient.

Here is the detailed procedure I used:

First, you must take your sansa apart. You can use my "dummy" guide for this, or you can use the less detailed procedure found in the red wheel mod.

Be careful not to touch the lcd screen or the inside of the front-cover window. Any contact with your fingers will leave obvious fingermarks.

As a gasket material, I used vinyl tape, commonly called "electrical tape" or "black tape", easily found in any home hardware store. I don't recall the thickness of the tape I used, so maybe you'll have to do some experimentation for yourself.

I used a sharp x-acto type blade to cut the tape to the proper size. I took a large piece of tape from the reel, then stuck it to some scrap plastic piece I used as a cutting board, then used a ruler and the x-acto blade to cut it to the right dimensions.

Vinyl tape is elastic by nature but, unlike a rubber band, will take a little time to return to it's unstretched state. The act of unrolling it from its reel stretches it a little, so you must wait for it to "recover" before you cut it to the proper dimensions or apply it inside the Sansa.

You have to patch-up the obvious design flaw of the original gasket. For some reason, there is a large piece missing on the lower-right side of the screen.

Here is a picture to illustrate this (I don't have a camera, so I used a picture I found on the web. The credit for the original picture goes to Daniel Stenberg, of the RockBox team).

So, add little rectangles of tape until the gap is filled. It must be even with the existing gasket on the left and with the white plastic frame. In order to make a good seal, the tape must touch the existing gasket and the white frame, but must not overlap them.

Maybe this is enough for dust-proofing the screen, but to make sure I would not have to take apart my Sansa again, I did this to make a tighter seal:

On the inside of the front cover, I added one layer of tape around the screen window, over the existing gasket. I used four narrow strips of tape (about 3mm wide) to make a frame. You must place them so that they are almost visible through the window when viewed from the front. Again, in order to make a good seal, the four strips must touch each other at the corners without overlapping.

I only used one layer of tape for this framing. Maybe more would be needed if the tape you use is thinner. Be careful, though. If the gasket is too thick, the front cover will not close properly.

Before putting everything back together, make sure that the screen and the inside of the front-cover window are as clean and dust free as possible.


Results may vary and are depending on your ability, but for as long as you worked as carefully as you could, it would be a huge improvement over the original. In my case, it worked perfectly. No more visible dust can get in.

Important note, the usual stuff: I can only take responsibility for the good results you may get. If it doesn't work, then it's your fault. Such a delicate intervention can damage your Sansa if you are clumsy. Proceed at your own risks. If you have to return your player under waranty, don't forget to remove the tape and clean the adhesive residue that may remain, because this would be obvious evidence of tampering.
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