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I'm with you on the wheel being too high. Have you checked out the Kroo cases? I don't have one, but from the pictures and what I've heard from others, it may do what you want:
I'm thinking about grabbing one; they're pretty cheap on eBay.
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Originally Posted by Jinkx View Post
That is a common complaint that the wheel feels cheap, I don't think that there is anything one can do but I would love to hear some theories, like making a mold from the old one and make a polyethlyene copy of it or something like that?
I was wondering if its possible to just add an translucient rubber cover over the existing wheel ya know?
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I promise.
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would there be any way to solder in the ipod click wheel. I think they are the same size and the click wheel is dirt cheap on ebay.
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no, you would not be able to do that
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yeah the ipod one is sensitive and not mechanical which is why it breaks down more quickly
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sanding while the wheel is attached to the unit is dangerous, however you can just pry the wheel off (after removing the back and front covers) and use some artistic skills that way. ive been thinking about taking some dark paint to the underside of the wheel, making for an overall darker front face, all without serious risk of damaging the player. as for the clicking wheel, remove the small metal plate and the black rotating ring(spring loaded, BE CAREFUL!) and you'll see a small O shaped wire. whats what makes the clicks. remove that, and you get a smooth moving wheel.

and rockbox is coming to the V2 soon, "substantial progress has been made" and "we have crossed a major hurdle" - official rockbox E200 V2 forum.
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Originally Posted by jinkx View Post
(same stuff that sex toys are made out of)
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Sansa's are made in various factories. I'll compare the e250, which i have. The box for the e250 ranges in colors. I used one at BestBuy before i actually got mine, and it had groups of 3 bumps spaced out around the scroll wheel. Also, the boxes they had there in stock were like white with red splashes of color or something. I ordered mine from for a cheaper price, and my box is white with green splashes of color. Also, mine has the scroll wheel you're talking about. Mine is all smooth with tiny grooves very close together all the way around. It is also rubberized. I kinda forget if the one's at BestBuy were rubberized. These however were the rhapsody models, though i dont think it makes a difference.
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