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Default The Distortion Of Sound 7/23

Sundance/IFC/You tube

Looked promising enough, artists complaining about what a compressed f'ed up mess things are today. Just hope it doesn't devolve into plaintive longing for vinyl or uber res audio.

<after watching it>

Kind of a mixed bag. General complaints about compression, I think gets mixed up between compressed format and brick walling/lack of dynamic range even in a format capable of great sound. Definitely the song at a time vs. a whole album approach is a valid criticism for me at least.

</after watching it>
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You've noticed exactly what Tyll said here Unfortunately it seems when someone is pushing a product they have no problem playing fast and loose with the truth.

They get just close enough that it can be tough to tell when they get away from what really matters. Then you're likely to buy into the DSP they're selling can actually put back what was removed during perceptual encoding.
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