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Default Not recognized as docked...

Okay, it seems like I recently read a thread on this at the forum, but after searching back four pages and running manual searches, I can't find it. I'd spend more time searching, but I have a heck of a lot of music to get transferred onto my Zen before I leave for a trip Sunday at 5:30 AM.

I told my Zen to sync. I think I might've made some wrong choices. (There should really be a walk through on syncing that's stickied.) I told it I wanted to do things manually, and not have it uploading everything from everywhere. I told it to let me tell it when to start syncing. I guess I told it to wait for me to tell it to recognize I'm docked, too, somewhere.

It started transfering my DL A-M folder, then froze at four percent. So I brought out a paper clip and reset it, then deleting the few files that managed to make it on. I now cannot get my computer to recognize my Zen is in even though the Zen screen says docked. I need to get crackin' trying to get folders to transfer really soon, espicially if the Zen is going to freeze and not transfer them easily.

Again, I'm real sorry for repeating this question if it's been asked before...(Really, sycning for dummies sticky? I think so.) Any help that could be offered would be so very greatly appreciated!
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