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Default Noobie Here..... WMP11 question(s)

Hello all,

I just ordered my first DMP and chose the ZVM 30. It comes next Tuesday.
In the meantime, I just upgraded to wmp11.
Bear with me, I'm new at this!

WMP11 scanned my computer and grabbed all my music, pictures, and video.

My question is, is there a way to stop wmp from grabbing all my pics and videos? I've deleted them, and they pop back again.

And this leads to my next question. With music, pictures, and video all
in wmp, when I do hook up my new player and hit sync, will all this stuff
be sent to it? Or will I have a choice what gets synced to the player?

Maybe this is basic stuff, but as I said, I am very green when it comes to this stuff.

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Have you ever been camping, and late at night you decide you want to get out of your tent and get a drink, or take a leak? You know how when you open the zipper if you haven't remembered to close the flap, then all the mosquitoes come rushing in!

WMP 11 is kinda like that. You really have to tame the thing for it to work at all.

First, go:

File - Add to Library

Now you'll see the folders that it's looking in. You want to ignore everything except your music folders. This will stop it from adding all the media on your HD.

Secondly, you want to go to the Sync tab. Here is where it gets tricky...I had to plug in my ZEN, then quickly click that tab and tell it not to synch.

Once you get it to stop, you have to click on that little arrow below the synch tab and set up your ZEN so it won't transfer all the files. You just remove everything it automatically adds.

It's really a big pain, but if you can calm it down it's not that bad.
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its a nice thing and the only one that i use and after you tweak our options a bit the you will probably like i alot! you can stop the auto sync option by going to Tools>Options>Devices Tab>(Plug-in your device) Refresh Devices>Find your Zen>Properties>Uncheck start sync when device connects>OK. Done!
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