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Default Audio Video track not in sync

Anyone else have a problem with video's losing sync with audio?

It especially happens when I fast forward or rewind. And even sometimes when I don't do anything and let it play right through.
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I have had that problem a couple of times. After you push the fast forward, or rewind, button, you have to wait a bit for it to catch up. If the sound is out of sync at that point, I have hit pause..waited a little...then hit play and all is well. The player can get very confused if you start doing things real fast without giving it a chance to catch up.
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It's actually pretty bad for mine. Unfortunately, pausing it didn't help at all.

This really puts a damper on how I'm able to use the player. If I can't stop the movie, then ff to the point later with much hoopla, it will be a major pain in the butt.

So far, I've only tried it on two videos.

Anyone reading this, if you have experienced this, let me know so I can tell if it's something specific with mine. If so I'm going to call Creative about it.

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I've watched three movies only so far, two fully on the ZVM and one I only watched the first 30 on the ZVM and the rest on TV a couple days later (stayed in the time I left it even though I had played audio afterwards, I thought it'd reset because of it) but haven't experienced this yet nor did I see any of the "pausing" to catch up every ten or so minutes that I read about in a review from awhile back, maybe that was fixed with a firmware update?

What format are they in and what are the uhh "stats" of them? The three movies I watched were in Xvid, 23FPS with bitrate on two of them being 125kbps and the other being 141 and I think variable MP3 bitrate. The two movies I still have are around 700MB each, the other one was also Xvid but lower quality and only around 350MB IIRC.
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