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Default Problems organizing folders on the Zen V

My girlfriend recently bought a Zen V 2gb, after having an old MuVo 1gb. On the old one, she used to just transfer folders using Windows Explorer, and it worked fine. The Zen V though, seems to want to organize everything by artist or album, rather than by folder. This creates a whole lot of problems, since she likes to have a folder for music she listens to when working out, and now there are probably 80 different albums/artists listed, instead of the single folder with everything in it. I've tried to make her use the Creative software to organize, but so far the only thing we've figured out is making a seperate playlist for every album. And this is very tedious, not to mention she's not exactly computer savvy, which makes her really grumpy when the player doesn't behave the way she wants it to and expects.

So, is there any way to make the Zen V recognize a folder as a playlist or an album, without having to import an album to the Creative software, make a playlist of it, transfer the playlist to the Zen V every time?

Any help is very much appreciated!
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Default try this...

You could try making a folder on the computer and rename it whatever you want, like my favorite music, then put all of the music in that folder. Once you do that, import the folder into PC library in mediasource and transfer the whole folder as one album into the zen V. It will be an album still but it will be an album named my favorite music and it will have all of her favorites in it. Does that make sense?
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Default sorry...

I guess I just told you one of the ways you already knew and did not want to have to do....
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