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Default Organizing files and folders

Well, I am bout to purchase an X5 - 60 GB to put FLAC files there and I will start ripping discs soon.

I need to stay organized and this does not seem to be so easy in Jazz and Classical music.

I initially set up to organize my music folder is like :

## below is Track nr.

Artist \
(Year) Album \
Artist - (Year) Album - ## - Track name

This is what I decided for mp3 files. It ensures everything is organized in a folder structure but in case files is taken somewhere individually, it is still possible to identify artist year and album very easily, without caring the tags.

But it seems that a long file name with redundant info will be impossible to show on the X5 screen.

Question #1
Should I truncate them so only track nr and name is all left there?

Question #2
It seems adding a Genre folder on top will be a wise move. But Genres are too vast and I may need SubGenres or Styles, how one should do it? I have decided to make multiple folders with some subtle variations for the main genres I am interested to and keep others as a generalization such as :

Jazz (Fusion)
Jazz (Big Band)
Jazz (Progressive)
Jazz (Dixieland)
Ambient (Dark)
Ambient (Tribal)

Is this the way to go? This is very difficult for some tracks that may fall under more than one "genre".

Question #3
Some albums has two or more artists. Especially in Jazz. Some has an artist and a collaborator like Danca Das Cabezas of Egberto Gismonti. Well Na na Vasconcelos is equally important in this album so I want to attribute the album to him as well. In this case I change artist name so it shows both. And then there are many discs performed by an ensemble of four or more players without branding themselves as a group. Now how to name the artist folder. If one performer is very prominent I can name it for him/her but even in this case I hate excluding others; and think when not one but all are equally the star of the album?!

I can not write down 6 peoples names as artist. Even if I can then I would like to be able to sort all by one artist only (not by the first character of the folder). Well I guess only Rockbox can help me on this but I think not too much.

Well, please guide me so that I can start organized and stay organized with little trade-off.
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