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Default Charging Zen Vision M outside the U.S.

I live in the Washington, DC area and got my ZV:M a few days ago. Next Tuesday I'll be leaving on trip to Asia. I'll be staying Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Thailand on this trip, and I want to be able to charge the ZV:M, since the battery will probably run down just on the flight over there (it's about 17 hours of flying time from DC).

I'm wondering if anyone here has been in a similar situation, and if so, how they charged the player in Asia.

I did do a search and found Creative's Universal Power Adapter, but frankly, that thing seems like overkill. The power supply that came with the ZV:M already runs on 100-240 volts (I think), so why doesn't Creative just sell those smaller plugs separately?

I also checked the site below, which features an "Electrical Connection Wizard" that will supposedly show you what adapter you'll need depending on where you're traveling.

The problem is that I'm not sure what to enter on that site. Here's all the info. written on the power supply that came with the ZV:M

Input 100-240 VAC ~50-60Hz Max .32A
Output 5V 2.4A

Input AC100V 50/60Hz, 28vA
Output DC 5V 2.4A

2.5A 125 VAC
2.5A 125V~

See why I'm confused? Please help me find something that's not going to fry my new toy the moment I plug it in to charge it. Thanks!
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Default Voltage Conversion for MP3 Players

There are three different variables when using electronics in different parts of the world.
1. Voltage
2. Frequency
3. Plug Type

Basically it is either 110v or 220v. Most electronic AC/DC adapters are already built to handle both voltages including everything in between and even odd voltages up to 240v. If you look at the back of your ZVM charger (or any charger) it reads 100-240 VAC. This means that it will handle voltages 100 to 240 and will work on any electrical system in the world.

There are only two type of frequencies: 50hz or 60hz. Again, your ZVM adapter reads ~50-60Hz, so it will indeed work on any electrical system in the world.

Plug Types
There are quite a few plug types around the world. This is where your ZVM charger will not work. You will need to find a US to Asian adapter. You can get these almost anywhere, Wal-Mart, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy Just look for an electrical travel kit. It will have conversion tips for nearly all countries. You can also buy them individually here for about $1 +S&H. (for Asian countries I think you will need what they are calling VP3)

So in short: use the adapter that came with the ZVM and convert the US plug to the Asian plug for about a buck.

The Universal Adapter that Creative sells is same exact one that comes with the ZVM, only they include all the tips you need for every county.

Other options: since the ZVM charges via USB you could simply buy a USB wall charger when you get to your destination country.

*note this holds true for almost all gadgets; just check the adapter to see if it will accept all voltages.

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Originally Posted by EnzoTen
use the adapter that came with the ZVM and convert the US plug to the Asian plug for about a buck.
Agree with the above point.

I live in India. I bought my ZVM thro a friend from the USA.
All i do is use the bundled adapter with a cheap ($0.50) "Asian" wire connector/plug which i have.

Piece of cake!

Oh, and enjoy your trip to HK!
Creative Zen Vision:M Rox! :-)
Chris Lowe (of the Pet Shop Boys): "I don't really like MP3s. It's like having a 1 megapixel digital camera."
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Wow thanks, this is exactly what I needed.

This will actually be my third stay in Hong Kong. I love the place!
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