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Archos 105 Approaches

archos 105 Archos 105 Approaches

Further information is beginning to appear on the smallest of the Archos 5th generation of portable media players. Subsequent to its unveiling this June, the first pictures of the 105 have arrived at ArchosLounge, which exhibit red, silver, and black versions of the 2GB player. According to the latest information, WMV video playback has been increased from 15fps to 25fps.

The 105 will be available for purchase as early as the beginning of next month, as Amazon are already offering a release date for the 1st of September. Pleasing to hear, is that no change has been made to the projected $90 retail value.

[ArchosLounge | Amazon via I4U]

Archos Unveils Generation 5: 105, 405, 605, and 705

archos gen 5 Archos Unveils Generation 5: 105, 405, 605, and 705

So I took a trip to NYC to get a firsthand look at what Archos has in store for their next generation of portable media players. Overall I was impressed with what I had a chance to play with, even though only the 605 and 405 pre-production models were available. There were many nice features and a plethora of ways to enjoy your media on each of the players, but what impressed me most were the accuracy and sharpness of the screens and the devices’ price points. I am a bit worried about the lack of codec support for XviD and DivX files, though. It’s something Creative has always supported and that consumers want. Yes, it supports these formats.

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