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Archos 202 Successor Appropriately Named the 204

204 archos Archos 202 Successor Appropriately Named the 204

The 202 is getting a face lift to run with the Archos line-up of X04 portable media players. The player sports a 1.8” 262K-color screen along with a standard feature set including MP3, WAV, WMA, and WMA-DRM music files and JPEG support. Video junkies will be disappointed to find that there is no video support. The player only comes in a 20GB size but offers a slightly above average battery time of 20 hours.

This player seems a bit out of date compared to what else is on the market and the 262K-color screen seems like a waste sans video support. Regardless, we will probably see this hit the stores in the next few months. However, the US may not see it, as word on the street is that it’s a European only release.

[Product Sheet (French PDF) | via generationMP3]