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Affordable 32GB SDHC Cards Boost Flash Players to a New Level

32gbsdhc Affordable 32GB SDHC Cards Boost Flash Players to a New Level

The last few years the number of hard drive players have diminished drastically and we’re left with only the iPod Classic, Zune and a few large media players that still use this technology. There has been somewhat of a gap between HDD players going off the market and flash players replacing them as there’s still only a few players doing 32GB of flash. A forum topic about a new 32GB PNY card on Amazon is the first sign we’re getting that SDHC cards have now reached 32GB at a reasonable price. This means that players using SDHC cards will now get a drastic memory boost. Read on to see the possibilities of these new cards.

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Europeans Get the 32GB Creative Zen for €400

creatiive zen 32 Europeans Get the 32GB Creative Zen for €400

Update:Not only did Europe get the 32GB versions, so did the US. Priced at $330 at the creative store. Not bad at all.

Come Monday creative will be selling a 32GB version of the Creative Zen (Nothing). It will retail for €400 and be limited to 500 units. There may not be too many people interested in a 32GB flash player at that price, but I think it’s a great accomplishment of Creative in that they are the first to maket with a 32GB player. Now just add an 32GB SDHC card and you have 64GB of solid state bliss. Now only if they can sort out that wretched SD card library integration problem (read the review). In related news they will also be selling a 2GB version for €100, but no word on when the US will see them hit the states.