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Archos 605 GPS Add-on

archos gps Archos 605 GPS Add on

Archos is holding a press conference today in NYC (Andreas was supposed to be there but I was too cheap to pay for his $2,000 plane ticket from Norway) and Paris . Live from Paris GenerationMP3 is reporting these updates to the Archos line of PMPs. One of the more interesting updates is a GPS module for the Archos said to be selling for €100- hoping that that will translate to $100 when it hits the US shores.

There is one downside to this. The GPS unit is really only made for your car since the GPS receiver is built into a suction cup mount. So hopes of whipping out your PMP while navigating the city by foot is out of the question. Still at $100 (hopefully) it is not a bad option to your TomTom.

Video demo also showing new plugins at GenMP3 (in French).

[Archos | GenMP3]

Archos 605 Wi-Fi Review

archos 504 wi fi main Archos 605 Wi Fi Review

The 605 is Archos’ new fifth generation flagship PMP that crams nearly every feature one could want into a PMP. They have even offered a few different capacities including a flash version with expandable SDHC memory that can add up to 32GB of flash memory when those capacities become available. The 800×480 pixel screen with a 24bit (16.7 million colors) screen looks fantastic at any viewing angle.

It sounds like the 605 is the ultimate PMP. Well… almost. While the 605 has a thorough feature set and performs very well, the interface needs to be completely overhauled. Archos, fire your interface designers and start over, then I may be able to call the 605 the ultimate PMP.

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Archos Unveils Generation 5: 105, 405, 605, and 705

archos gen 5 Archos Unveils Generation 5: 105, 405, 605, and 705

So I took a trip to NYC to get a firsthand look at what Archos has in store for their next generation of portable media players. Overall I was impressed with what I had a chance to play with, even though only the 605 and 405 pre-production models were available. There were many nice features and a plethora of ways to enjoy your media on each of the players, but what impressed me most were the accuracy and sharpness of the screens and the devices’ price points. I am a bit worried about the lack of codec support for XviD and DivX files, though. It’s something Creative has always supported and that consumers want. Yes, it supports these formats.

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