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Pardon the Mess

500x500squarelogo thumb Pardon the MessWe have upgraded our CMS to WordPress, it was a bit rushed since we had to get off of a legacy install of Movable Type that had security exploits. Since is was rushed there are a lot of design elements and functionality that need to be fixed. So hang tight and we will be 100% shortly. In the mean time, if you want to help test the comment section, let me know what’s on your mind and comment below.

ABI on the Official ZuneInsider Podcast

 ABI on the Official ZuneInsider Podcast

I spent last week in the Bellevue / Redmond area for the Microsoft MVP Summit. For those unfamiliar with the Summit, it is a chance for me to represent your voice in front of the Zune product teams. It is similar to what goes on behind the scenes with most of the other brands here on ABI tied in with CES- it’s just specific to Zune.

You won’t see much posted here about the Summit since what we discussed is covered under a non-disclosure agreement including the Zune HD Facebook app we are currently testing. However, I can tell you that it was a very productive week in conveying the concerns, opinions, and ideas of Zune users on Anythingbutipod and ZuneBoards.

One of the days at summit we got the privilege of joining Jessica and Matt on the ZuneInsider podcast #56. While there is nothing revealing about the future of Zune, we do have a fun discussion about the MVP program, our sites, and our music guilty indulgencies. I also make a slight gaff and talked about Matt’s 6 inch… (tune in for the restSubscribe | Stream | Direct MP3 Download).

ABI at CES Take Two

Tobey just announced yesterday that we will be tag teaming CES this year to bring you the latest on all things digital audio. Additionally, we will be making some cameo appearances on our other network sites like ZuneBoards, ABX Zone (Computer Tech), and possibly digging up some hardware based video game emulation for NGEmu.

Though I will say i am particularly looking forward to attending the NVidia press conference on the 7th. I have been really impressed with their low powered graphics solutions like the Tegra for PMPs, mobile phones, and tablet devices. With their current legal battles with Intel could open them up the the x86 platform.

You can follow out CES antics on twitter: Me, Tobey. If you don’t want to hear about out tech ramblings and various off topic rants you can follow the ABI RSS feed on twitter as well.

As for the other editors, we made our Associate Editor Andreas stay at home and carve us an army of wooden Hello Kitty figurines, but you can follow his random musings on twitter as well. As for our headphone editor, Martin aka DFKT, he is tangled in custom cables at the moment, so could not attend. He is not on twitter but you can follow his expert opinion in the forums.

Compare MP3 Players for Holiday Shopping

abi compare holiday Compare MP3 Players for Holiday Shopping

Looking for the perfect MP3 player either for you or your loved one for the holidays? ABI Compare has you covered. Search by specifications or brand and compare up to 4 players side by side. Jump in and compare MP3 players for your holiday shopping.

Update: We are working on fixing some inaccuracies in the database. If you see any please email mail @ with corrections or by posting them in this forum thread.

Download Zune HD Wallpapers Made by ABI Members

zune hd wallpaper pack main Download Zune HD Wallpapers Made by ABI Members

The Zune HD wallpaper contest in the forums produced some really great looking original wallpapers optimized for the Zune HD. The winner of the contest, ABI member Rom, created a spinoff of the “I’m a PC” Microsoft ad campaigns calling his series “I’m a Zune”. The picture pack features some great looking vector graphics with happy Zune characters. Nice job Rom!

Judging these were a touch call since there were a lot of great wallpapers. The best of the bunch have been added to a downloadable picture pack you can drop right on to your Zune HD organized into folders by the members. Check out these great papers below and download these great wallpaper or browse all of the wallpapers in the Zune HD wallpaper forum.

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Zune = Anything But iPod?

zune abi Zune = Anything But iPod?

New York Times recently ran an article suggesting that Zune users buy the Zune because they don’t want an iPod. The Slate suggests that NYT is calling this “anti-branding” a more extreme version of “counter-branding.” Basically this method of marketing positions your product opposite your competitor’s product.

This technique is used quite a bit; for instance 7-Up openly calls itself “the uncola,” marketing it as an alternative to colas. Business Week points out the more recent example of “Mamma Mia!” as the alternate choice to the blockbuster “Batman: The Dark Knight” for people who didn’t buy into the hype or just had no interest in seeing what everyone else wanted to see.

Is Microsoft positioning the Zune as the anti-iPod, and are people buying Zunes because they’re not iPods?

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Win Radius Atomic Bass Headphones

radius atomic bass Win Radius Atomic Bass Headphones

Just a heads up to one of our giveaways we are running in the forums. All you have to do is show up really and you have a chance to win one of 3 pairs of Radius Atomic Bass IEMs. They retail for around $40 and are on par and maybe slightly ahead of the curve in that price range. They are heavy on the bass, more than the Mylar One XB’s but they lack clarity in the highs. They sound a lot like the included Zen X-Fi headphones, the EP-830s.

Stop by the forums for a chance to win.

Compare MP3 Players – abi>>compare *BETA*

abi compare Compare MP3 Players   abi>>compare *BETA*

Introducing the latest and greatest feature to your favorite MP3 player site… abi>>compare is a side-by-side comparison engine that will help you select your next MP3 player. In addition to being able compare specs it will allow you to search by and filter by specs. For instance if you are looking for a flash player for between $100-$300 with a minimum of 4GB of memory and at least a QVGA screen, abi>>compare will show you everything available.

The main page, pictured on the left, features the top comparisons and players. On the right side are the filter options that will allow you to search for players with features of your choice. Pictured right is the side-by-side comparison screen. Players can be added or removed on the fly with a simple click.

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