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tma1 main AIAIAI TMA 1 Review

While “AIAIAI” sounds a bit like a Spanish Flamenco-related exclamation to me, they’re in fact a relatively new headphone company from Denmark. They started out with street/fashion phones and IEMs – quality products though, way above the level of generic Skullcandy or WESC toys – and in the meantime they put their efforts in creating a high quality DJ headphone, the TMA-1.

The stunning minimalist design of the phones, conceived by Danish design studio KiBiSi, and of course the name as well, is what got me interested in them. “TMA-1” stands for “Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 1”, the name of the monolith in Arthur C. Clarke’s sci-fi novel “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Can’t really get more awesome than that, methinks.

Hard-boiled headphone veterans’ alarm bells might go off after that introduction: Stylish design? Cool name? Made for DJs? Those must sound bad; those must be style over substance. At first I was a bit wary myself – but fret not: AIAIAI definitely made sure that the TMA-1 sound as good as they look.

Read on for the in-depth review.

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