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Archos 5 Review

archos 5 main Archos 5 Review

I have owned or own a few different Archos PMPs dating back to the third generation (Now on the 6 th). They were good and very capable PMPs, but I never really got too excited about them, due mainly due to clunky hardware and haphazard interfaces. Oh – and let’s not forget about the lack-luster sound quality.

However, upon holding the new Archos in my hands, my aversion to Archos products quickly faded. The device is one of the sexier devices currently on the market, and small tweaks in the UI have made a drastic difference. If you are looking for a serious portable video player or had previously denounced Archos, please read on. Though there is still much room for improvement, there is much to like about the Archos 5.

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Generation 6: Archos 5, Archos 7, and Internet Media Tablet

archos gen 6 Generation 6: Archos 5, Archos 7, and Internet Media Tablet

Archos has just officially announced the their 6th generation of PMPs and even making a splash into the world of 3G connectivity. The interface if felt was a bit awkward on the last generation 605 {link}, mainly due to the fact that it couldn’t quite make up its mind to be touch screen or tactile with the side buttons. It’s not that these hybrid touch/tactile interfaces don’t work, it just didn’t work with the Archos UI. That said I’m glad to see that Archos picked a side and went all touch.

All around it looks like it’s a further refined version of the 5th generation PMPs. This is good news since I thought that the 605 was a fantastic jack of all trades PMP, but it just felt a bit rough.

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