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‘Atomic’ Zune HD Appears On Ebay

ZHD atomic src ‘Atomic’ Zune HD Appears On Ebay

Last week, Cruelworld spotted four never before seen Zune HD colors lurking in the Zune software source code: pink, magenta, purple, and “atomic”.

Recently, it was discovered that an eBay user, who just happens to live in Washington, is in possession of this majestic and allusive Atomic Zune HD. The user, who says it was a gift from a “friend”, did what any of us would do when a friend gives us an extremely rare, impossible to find gift: sell it on eBay for cold hard cash.

It’s still unknown if these special colors were created specifically for the Zune Team, or if they’ll make an appearance in the wild at some point. But if you absolutely must over-pay for a Zune HD which may appear on store shelves down the road at a much lower price, head over to the ‘bay and get your bid on.

[eBay | Dark Zune]

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