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Sparkling Sony E-Series

sony nw e010 series Sparkling Sony E Series

A limited amount of Sony NW-E010-series USB stick flash players with included glittery fashion accessories are now on sale in Japan. For each color variation there is a corresponding jewel-encrusted cap for the USB terminal and strap attached to a clip (also decorated with crystals) allowing the shiny DAP to be suspended from clothes or a bag to prevent dropping as well as displaying the device while not in use.

There is nothing new included in the player itself. It is still carries the same 3-line OLED, ATRAC/MP3/WMA/AAC format support, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities and 28-hour battery life. So far the fashion enhancement for the Sony E-series is limited to Japan only, but you can place an order on Sony Japan’s online store.

[Press Release via Impress]

Sony WA1 Wireless Boombox

sony vaio wa1 Sony WA1 Wireless Boombox

Looking for a way to listen to your entire music collection anywhere around the house? The Sony VAIO WA1 wireless boombox certainly provides a convenient way to do it by streaming ATRAC, MP3, WMA, and AAC music formats over an existing wireless home network from any PC.

The WA1 uses SonicStage, iTunes, and Windows Media Player, but on-unit controls, a remote control, and an LCD displaying five lines of text makes selecting and viewing music simple. Analogue and digital audio-out ports connect your computer’s music to your home stereo, but music isn’t limited to your computer’s library, as the option of listening to internet radio is also given. Music can be played independently of a computer with 128MB of internal memory and a line-in stereo input to connect to a portable device.

Considering that Sony’s wireless boombox is mostly for use around the house, the four-hour battery life shouldn’t be too limiting. The $350 price tag includes a six-band graphic equalizer, headphone jack, and alarm clock.

[Product Page via Akihabara News]

Sony Walkman B100 Series Snubs ATRAC

sony b100 Sony Walkman B100 Series Snubs ATRAC

Pigs are flying, the moon is blue, and hell has frozen over.

Don’t ask us how or why, but Sony is apparently set to add a new series to its Walkman line of low-capacity flash players that 1) doesn’t require the use of SonicStage and 2) doesn’t support ATRAC. We’ll give you a second to process all of that.


Okay. Dubbed the B100 series, the 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB players will all have voice-recording functions and play nice with DRM-free MP3 and WMA files that are dragged and dropped from a PC. Some will also be equipped with an FM tuner and recorder. Expected in May for an unknown (though presumably low) price, the B100 series should be available in at least three colors. Amazing advances in the DAP world, eh?


Sony mylo Review

sony mylo main Sony mylo Review

Since its release last month, the Sony mylo personal communicator has often been compared to the T-Mobile Sidekick 3. Even though the mylo isn’t a cell phone, the match-up is understandable: both units target the same demographic (18-22 year olds), flaunt instant messaging and connecting with friends as their main attractions, have built-in QWERTY keyboards, and are packed with extras like MP3 playback, web browser, and photo viewer. But although it shares many common features with the Sidekick 3 (and looks a bit like a PSP for kids), the mylo is really in a class of its own.

The name stands for “my life online,” a throwback to the MYLO (all caps) wireless service designed and launched in 2001 for the now extinct line of Clie PDAs. Long before the mylo hit stores, Sony was marketing the device as being all about “fun, convenience, and near-instant gratification wherever there’s Wi-Fi access.” Today, after a month’s worth of daily use, I’ll take a look at the personal communicator and put the company’s claim to the test.

This is a very special review being that it is Jenn Lee’s first review for ABi. If you haven’t noticed Jenn has been contributing to the site for the last few months and has been doing a great job filling us in on the latest MP3 player news. Jenn also has her own blog on consumer gadgets at Check out her full bio here.

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Sony Walkman S203F and S205F Sport MP3 Player

walkman nws203f Sony Walkman S203F and S205F Sport MP3 Player

Sony as a small heard of flash players like the Bean, the Core, the Circ, and what I am dubbing the Shaft. This phallic looking player, actually called the NW-S203F and NW-S205F, is aimed at the active crowd by sporting a pedometer. The player will come in 1GB and 2GB sizes and will include an FM tuner for those times that you can’t find anything to listen to in your sixty gig music collection. The player is set to be around September/October for $120 and $150 respectively.

Even though I always complain about Sony’s wretched piece of software called SonicStage they have never let me down as far as sound quality. (Yes, even the Bean.)


Sony Bean Review

sony bean 09 Sony Bean Review

The Bean (NW-E307) is one of Sony’s flash players that takes on a unique organic shape. Sony gave you 2 different capacities and 4 different colors. The 512MB version is dipped in white or blue and the 1GB version comes in black or pink. A self contained USB plug pops out of the top to plug directly into your computer, saving the hassle of carrying around an extra cable. The impressive feature is the Bean’s 50 hour playback time. Also, Sony added a FM tuner for good measure.

Sound good? Keep reading- the Bean has a darker side.

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Sony Network Walkman NW-HD5 Review

nw hd5 box Sony Network Walkman NW HD5 Review

The Sony Network Walkman NW-HD5 is the successor to the NW-HD1, NW-HD2, and NW-HD3. (Sony skipped the NW-HD4 because in Japanese the number four sounds like the word for “death”.) This particular model is a 20GB, and they have yet to release the 30GB version to the United States. The player weighs 4.06 oz (115g), measures 2.36″x 3.49″ x .56″ (59.9 x 88.7 x 14.2mm) and comes in silver, red, and black. It includes SonicStage® software, headphones (MDR-E931LP), carrying pouch, USB cable, and AC power adaptor. It accepts MP3, ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus and will convert WAV and WMA files. They claim a battery time of 40 hours. Continue reading for the full review.

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