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NWZ-B16: The Sony Clip

sony b16 NWZ B16: The Sony Clip

It has slightly more screen than an iPod Shuffle, slightly less SD slots than a Sansa Clip+. It’s the Sony NWZ-B16(0), the successor to the NWZ-B150 (and B140, to a certain extent). In this case, ‘successor’ means they simply added a clip to the back of the B150 and left everything else basically the same as it was on its year old ancestor. The same monochrome screen, same controls, same bass boost and ‘zap’ (intro/song search) buttons, same pulsing LED circle gimmick.

It comes in pathetic 2 and 4GB sizes with no expansion options, sports an FM Radio, and presumably a standard USB plug for charging and data transfer under the cap. Battery life should be an ok-ish (for this small form factor) 18 hours. When it’s going to be released later this month, people can choose from five pretty colors, ranging from My Little Pony pink to Nuclear Fallout black.

Thanks to GreasyTacoAficionado for the hint. Via Trustedreviews.