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iriver CES 2008 Player Roundup

iriver booth main iriver CES 2008 Player Roundup

iriver had one of the coolest looking booth at CES and really was the only manufacturer that showed anything new and compelling. Walking behind the tent like structure you entered an ultra white and extremely well lit display area. It was a ultra modern and I would have expected to see the iriver reps wearing white lab coats. Still they knew their stuff and were quick to answer any questions.

Over the last few years iriver has been more of an enigma in the US by only releasing a handful of their products to the store shelves, keeping many of the really cool and compelling products back in Asian countries. However, iriver PR and two of the reps told me that the US will likely see a lot of what was on display and they will be making more of an effort to sell in the United States.

Below I have a rundown of the various players, a quick and dirty booth tour, and a video demo of the Unit 2.

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iriver Launches B20 Media Player with DMB

iriver B20 release iriver Launches B20 Media Player with DMB

If you remember the B20 as one of the new DAPs and PMPs iriver showcased at CES 2007, then the only bit of news here is that it’s heading to Korea this week for the U.S. equivalent of $213 (2GB) and $267 (4GB).

If you don’t remember the DMB-enabled device, then we’d like to tell you about a new player that iriver announced today. It’s called the B20 and it’s got a 2.4-inch display (320 x 240, 260K colors), microSD card slot, Flash UI and games, text viewer, FM radio, and iriver’s usual onslaught of supported audio and video codecs. It relies on the same D-Click navigation system found on the clix2 and is equipped with an antenna that doubles as a stand for hands-free viewing of videos and photos.

The player is also slated for release in Japan, the UK, and France. No word at the moment on whether it’ll ditch its DMB capabilities for a U.S. tour, but we’ll keep you posted.

[Product Page via dapreview]

CES 2007 iriver Roundup: clix2 W10 X20 B20 T50 T60 Mplayer

blk iriver logo CES 2007 iriver Roundup: clix2 W10 X20 B20 T50 T60 Mplayer

We’ve been holding off on covering the slew of iriver DAPs appearing at CES in hopes for some hands-on time, but it seems we’ll have to wait like everyone else for the official releases (most of which are unknown). That’s okay, though, because from what we’ve seen and heard, most of the devices should definitely be worth the wait . . . assuming they’ll be available in the U.S., of course.

In the meantime, let’s take a quick look at everything the lovely folks at iriver have in store for us this year.

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