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iLuv iss277 Alarm Dock for Samsung YP-T9

iLuv iss277 yepp iLuv iss277 Alarm Dock for Samsung YP T9

We’ve seen a speaker dock built for a Samsung DAP before, but this is the first time iLuv (commonly known for its love of iPods) has been behind it. And according to the company’s CEO, it won’t be the last.

The iLuv iss277 is an alarm clock speaker system designed specifically for use with the YP-T9 and T9B flash players unveiled a few months ago. The system comes with a Bluetooth dongle so that the Bluetooth-enabled T9B can wirelessly stream its melodic contents from across the room. Both players can also be docked for charging and full integration with standard alarm clock functions.

Available in early February, the iss277 can become a South Korean bedside fixture for about $204.