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Samsung Bumps YP-T9(B) to 8GB

8GB samsung t9 Samsung Bumps YP T9(B) to 8GB

What digital audio player these days isn’t available in an 8GB model?

If you asked us yesterday, we would’ve said that Samsung’s YP-T9 and T9B are one of the only major hitters not playing in the big boys’ park with the Creative Zen V Plus, Apple iPod Nano, and SanDisk Sansa e280. Ask us the same question today, however, and we’d say that the park is about to get a bit more crowded.

Unfortunately, it seems that only the Bluetooth-toting T9B will get to play. Information is a bit sketchy, but it looks like the Bluetooth-less T9 (the one available in the U.S.) may be keeping the benches warm with all the other devices that max out at 4GB.