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Samsung T9B Ties Into You Mobile Phone

samsung t9b Samsung T9B Ties Into You Mobile Phone

We were reporting a while back about the T9 Bluetooth player, but when it hit the shores of the US, Samsung had stripped the Bluetooth. Now the Bluetooth T9, appropriately dubbed T9B, will indeed be hitting the US come March and will retail for $159 for the 2GB and $209 for the 4GB. Both are about a $30 premium over the Bluetoothless T9s.

The T9B has more functionality than simply sending audio to Bluetooth headphones and speakers. The player will tie into any Bluetooth mobile phone. It works like this. Your phone is in your pocket and it rings. You look at your T9B to see who is calling. Pressing a button on the T9B picks up the call and pauses your tunes. With your phone still in your pocket, you speak to the T9B and hear out of the headphones, Bluetooth or otherwise. The microphone is sensitive enough to sit on the table so you don’t have to hold it up to your mouth and look like a fool talking to an MP3 player.

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