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Brainwavz B2 review

bwb2 main Brainwavz B2 review

After taking a closer look at the Brainwavz Beta and M2, it’s time to review their current flagship product, the B2.

Contrary to other Brainwavz IEMs, the B2 doesn’t use a dynamic driver; they sport a dual balanced armature to create all those wonderful sounds – not just any armature at that, but the widely used Knowles TWFK, the same one found in the Jays q-Jays, Audio Technica ATH-CK10, Ultimate Ears UE700, or the Fischer Audio DBA-02 (which also use the same OEM design as the B2).

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Brainwavz M2 Review

bwm2main2 Brainwavz M2 ReviewWhile MP4Nation’s Brainwavz Beta I reviewed some time ago were ok-ish sounding for their $30 price tag – but didn’t really exceed in any aspect over their similarly priced peers – Brainwavz now upped the ante with the introduction of the M2 in-ear phones.

The M2 are a bit more expensive than the aforementioned Betas, going for around $50, but to my ears they sound at least twice as good, so all is fine.

I am quite impressed by how far Brainwavz have climbed the audio quality ladder since the last time I tried some of their products. Read on to find out more about the M2.

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Beta Brainwavz Pro Review

P6160219 main Beta Brainwavz Pro Review

New personal record! After many fancy and/or pricey IEMs it’s time to review the most inexpensive phones I got my hands on so far – phones that are still worth writing about, that is.

Like Nationite, Brainwavz is a brand created by MP4Nation – purveyors of what I assume to be higher class Chinese-made/designed DAPs, PMPs, and other paraphernalia.

The cheesy “Brainwavz” brand name might suggest these in-ear phones being targeted at the average teenage Skullcandy demographic: muddy, bloated midbass and no clarity or “musicality” whatsoever are some of the images that come to mind with a name like this. While this is more or less true for the cheaper and older Alpha Brainwavz (which come bundled with Nationite players and are indeed a clone of a Skullcandy IEM housing), the new Beta Brainwavz “Pro” however are in another league. They do quite a few things right. Not only in their price segment, but also in the grand scheme of IEMs.

The Beta Brainwavz Pro go for about $30 to $50 – depending on if you preordered them or if you want them bundled with a FiiO E5 amp, among other options. I don’t really dig that confusing business model, but that’s how it is. You snooze, you lose.

Read on if you’re interested in why I think these cheap IEMs are worth a review.

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