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SanDisk Sansa c200 Review

sandisk sansa c200 main SanDisk Sansa c200 Review

The update to the c100 appropriately named the c200 series is SanDisk’s latest small flash based MP3 player. The c200 is available in two sizes 1GB (c240) and 2GB (c250). The player sports a 1.4” 64k color screen, FM radio, FM and voice recording, removable battery, and uniquely, a microSD memory slot for the addition of up to 2 more gigabytes of memory. Audio playback supports all of your vanilla formats like MP3, WMA, and WAV files. The c200 is compatible with DRM PlaysForSure music services like Urge, Napster, and Yahoo!. The player is not high-end but does offer a nice set of features for the money.

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Altec Lansing iM510 “Made for Sansa” Speaker Dock

altec lansing im510 Altec Lansing iM510 “Made for Sansa” Speaker Dock

All of you Sansa fans are in for more accessories, this time from a third party, Altec Lansing. At this time we don’t have any of the specs or retail pricing, but we do know that it will be compatible with the e200 and c200 series MP3 players. Additionally there will be an optional subwoofer that will plug into the back and give you a little more movin’ and shakin’.

From personal experience, Altec Lansing makes a decent set of speakers. I have a few of their under $50 2.1 setups. While their gear may not be audiophile quality they are very impressive for an inexpensive speaker. Now both the SanDisk Sansa e200 and Altec Lansing speakers have been paired up to give you the ultimate bang-for-the-buck factor.

[Altec Lansing - Made for Sansa]

SanDisk Sansa Base Station for the e200 & c200

sansa dock main SanDisk Sansa Base Station for the e200 & c200

SanDisk is not messing around when it comes to getting their Sansa MP3 players into the hands of many. One of the biggest complaints that non-iPod owners have is the lack of accessories that are available. With the introduction of more and more accessories for non-iPods, these complaints should slowly fade away; in SanDisk’s case that fade may start here.

The Sansa docking station comes equipped with audio, power, and USB inputs with a remote that mounts in the back of the dock. Also included in the box is an RCA audio cable, USB cable, power adapter, and inserts for the corresponding models. The dock will go on sale sometime in October and will retail for around $70.

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SanDisk Sansa c200 Series

sandisk sansa c200 SanDisk Sansa c200 Series

Next month, SanDisk will start selling its new c200 series of flash-based digital audio players. The 1GB c240 ($80) and 2GB c250 ($100) both sport a 1.4″ 64K-color LCD for viewing album art and photos, digital FM tuner with 20 preset stations, FM and voice recorder, removable battery, and microSD expansion card slot. Like its predecessor, the c200s support MP3, WAV, WMA, and WMA-DRM files. Nothing too thrilling, but we’d probably still stand in line to get one.

[Product Page via Engadget]