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Ringke Rearth Zune HD Case Review

zune hd ringke case Ringke Rearth Zune HD Case Review

I am not much of a case kind of guy and prefer to let my gadgets wear like a favorite pair of sneekers or baseball cap. But to each is his own. If I were going the route of a case I do appreciate a simple silicone case to wrap up a player in a light coat of silicone. Even though silicone cases are basically the same, there are some slight differences in material grade and fit. Testing out the Ringke Zune HD case by Rearth, I have found my favorite.

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Speck PixelSkin Zune HD Case Review

zune hd speck main Speck PixelSkin Zune HD Case Review

If you are looking for something a little more rugged in terms of protecting your Zune HD and in terms of looks the Speck PixelSkin case for the Zune HD might be something on your radar. The best way to describe the PixelSkin is a military grade version of a simple silicon skin. In terms of functionality and fit it’s the same as a silicon skin but much more skin so to speak and who doesn’t like to see a little more skin?

All of the buttons are easily accessed through the skin along with the bottom dock and headphone ports. It will also work with some docking station if you remove the dock insert. I currently use this skin with the Kicker ZK500 just by removing the dock insert.

The Speck PixelSkin can be found on Amazon for roughly $17- a pretty cheap investment to protect your precious Zune HD.

Win this case by posting a photo of your Zune HD. More photos below.

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Noreve Zune HD Case Review

noreve zune hd main Noreve Zune HD Case Review

Looking for a high end case for your Zune HD? Noreve has you covered as always. If you read this site with frequency you see that I review a lot of Noreve cases and I always have good things to say about them. The materials, fit, and function are always top notch for all of their cases I have seen first hand. The case for the Zune HD is no different. Having said that it certainly comes with a price tag to match the quality. Read on below for some more thoughts and photos on this Zune HD case.

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I-Nique Tuff-Luv Zune HD Leather Case Review

inique zhd main I Nique Tuff Luv Zune HD Leather Case Review

One of the nice things about the Zune is it has lots of third party cases and accessories. One of the case lines we review often is the Tuff-Luv by I-Nique. Typically they are just below the quality of Noreve cases with a price to reflect that, but does usually have a few other design elements that set it apart. So to some the Tuff-Luv might give you a better bang for the buck.

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Zune HD DLO Action Jacket and Jam Jacket Review

dlo zune hd main Zune HD DLO Action Jacket and Jam Jacket Review

I recently had an unfortunate mishap with the Zune HD review I have been working on. Quite discouraging so I thought I would boost my spirits by posting this Zune accessory review.

DLO is an official accessory maker for the Zune and maker of other accessories beyond cases for a few other players. These two particular cases are among three DLO makes for the Zune HD. Featured in this review are the “Action Jacket” an arm band sports case and the “Jam Jacket” which is a silicon case featuring a cord wrap. The third case absent from this review is the HipCase which is a leather flip top case with a non -removable belt clip. (…holding out for a Noreve leather case)

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Cowon O2 Noreve Case Review

cowon o2 noreve main Cowon O2 Noreve Case Review

Sure we have plenty of complaints about Cowon O2 mainly dealing with the user interface, but in the end is still a respectable PMP with the signature warm sound typical to Cowon.

The O2 is too big to fit in your pocket which makes it a good candidate for a protective case since its likely to tossed into a bag or carried by itself. If you have read any of our case reviews you know that we are fans of the Noreve cases. This one is no different. Check out the pics below with some thoughts on the fit.

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Cowon S9 Noreve Case Review

cowon s9 noreve Cowon S9 Noreve Case Review

One of the common complaints I hear about the Cowon S9 is that it feel too light and hollow. I recently found a fix for this by adding a really nice leather case, making it feel more substantial. While I don’t think that will be the main reason for someone to purchase a case for the S9, I do think the better reason is to protect your investment and keep the S9 blemish free.

Read on for pics and opinions on this case.

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Pelican Cases for MP3 Players (i1010)

pelican i1010 main Pelican Cases for MP3 Players (i1010)

When I fly I usually pack several MP3 players but only one for the seat since is such a pain to dig around in those tiny seats. In the past I have used a simple soft case to hold the player and the Shure SE530s (Amazing isolation and sound quality for flying, ‘eff Bose!) all in one neat package. Though I did always worry about smashing it in between a seat or dropping it in the boarding and unboarding chaos.

So I stumbled on this little gem today at Best Buy. It’s made for the iPod (Ew, I know right?) but will work with anything that will fit. There is also a headphone cable leading from the inside to a plug on the outside for waterproof use.

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Noreve Archos 5 Leather Case Review

noreve archos 5 main Noreve Archos 5 Leather Case Review

Noreve is a maker of fine leather cases for all kinds of portable gadgets. Andreas had a chance to check out one of their cases for the Sony A820 and was very positive about it. This is actually my first experience with a Noreve case. I’m not such a fan of cases on my gadgets since I appreciate them more in the raw, but after checking out one of Noreve’s cases I might just change my tune- especially with larger devices like the Archos 5.

Read on for my thoughts and lots of great photos.

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I-nique Tuff Luv Archos 5 Leather Case Review

i nique case main I nique Tuff Luv Archos 5 Leather Case Review

Typically don’t use too many cases on my devices, mainly because they bulk up the device and I enjoy the used look. Though most like to keep their gadgets in top notch condition and I will give in when the devices get bigger and more expensive.

The Archos 5 is definite a good candidate for this. I-nique makes a plethora of specialized cases for many of MP3 players on the market. You can check out a list on their site. They are UK based but do sell in the US directly thought the site or though Amazon if you are more comfortable with that.

Below are a few pics and impression of this case.

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