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Thank You Germany For Shutting Down Meizu

meizu booth Thank You Germany For Shutting Down Meizu

Engadget is reporting that German authorities have shut down the Meizu booth at CeBIT on concerns of piracy. These concerns stemmed from the Meizu M8, which is undoubtedly an iPhone rip off- from the form factor down to the little nuances of the touch interface.

Update: Readers are pointing out that the reason for the shut down is because of MP3 codec licensing issues. The same thing SanDisk had a problem with last year. My apologies for miss reporting this. However, I still stand my my strong words of Meizu being a thief of intellectual property.

As you know, I am by no means a fan of the iPhone, but I really have no tolerance for this kind of obvious piracy. It saddens me that companies like Meizu try to steal and profit from other peoples hard work, ideas, and innovation. It is blatant theft and dishonestly. Shame on you Meizu.

In support of intellectual property rights and creativity, I would much rather see someone buy an iPhone than a Meizu M8.