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ABI at CES Take Two

Tobey just announced yesterday that we will be tag teaming CES this year to bring you the latest on all things digital audio. Additionally, we will be making some cameo appearances on our other network sites like ZuneBoards, ABX Zone (Computer Tech), and possibly digging up some hardware based video game emulation for NGEmu.

Though I will say i am particularly looking forward to attending the NVidia press conference on the 7th. I have been really impressed with their low powered graphics solutions like the Tegra for PMPs, mobile phones, and tablet devices. With their current legal battles with Intel could open them up the the x86 platform.

You can follow out CES antics on twitter: Me, Tobey. If you don’t want to hear about out tech ramblings and various off topic rants you can follow the ABI RSS feed on twitter as well.

As for the other editors, we made our Associate Editor Andreas stay at home and carve us an army of wooden Hello Kitty figurines, but you can follow his random musings on twitter as well. As for our headphone editor, Martin aka DFKT, he is tangled in custom cables at the moment, so could not attend. He is not on twitter but you can follow his expert opinion in the forums.