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How to repair a broken clip on a Sandisk Sansa Clip+

Sansa Clip Replacement1 118x175 How to repair a broken clip on a Sandisk Sansa Clip+As I was digging through the ABI forums, I ran across a good guide by zPoKE to replacing a broken clip on a Sansa Clip+ MP3 player. It’s nice to find a viable and cost effective solution to a very common problem like the clip breaking off of the Sansa Clip/Clip+, so I thought I would bring this easy tutorial back to the forefront to help anyone who has experienced this problem.

zP0KE recommends using ACCO KLIX Classic Metal paper fasteners as a replacement to the stock clip (you can use other types of clips as well provided they can withstand the strain). If you reside within the US, you can pick these up at a local Staples office supply store, or you can order them from Amazon directly. Continue reading…

SanDisk reveals Sansa Clip Zip

clipzip SanDisk reveals Sansa Clip ZipThe Sansa Clip will no doubt go down in MP3 player history as one of the biggest successes the market has seen, and it has just gotten better and better over the years as firmware updates, Rockbox and the Clip+ hardware update has improved on the original player in all sorts of ways. SanDisk knows this, so it’s not surprising that they’re giving the player yet another hardware overhaul, this time called the Clip Zip.

The basics from the Clip+ are still there in terms of features and basic design, but there are a few new features both on the surface and under the hood. The most noticeable of which is probably the new 1.1″ full color screen, which is a nice upgrade both in size and colors from the old OLED screen. One of our forum members got his hands on the new player and has written a comparison of the new Zip and the old Clip+ which shows that the new Zip is size wise pretty much the same as the Clip+, but with a rectangular control pad to make room for the bigger screen.

As for features under the hood, alphabet browsing has now been added when browsing files as well as the ability to deactivate unused menu items. The former is something I’ve loved on other players (like the Sony players) for years and seeing it on a SanDisk player is great. The menu “clean up” feature is also a nice addition, and lets more hard core music users hide features such as the radio (which now has a recording feature) and the new stopwatch. The new color screen also means a new UI, naturally, and from the pictures in the beforementioned forum thread it seems to be a lot like the interface of the Fuze+.

Overall it seems like a great update to the existing Clip+, and as Marvin points out in his comparison review it’s a lot more traditional of an update than the touch controlled Fuze+ of last year was.

[SanDisk | Sansa Clip Zip Review]

So, Yeah…

Grahm, the editor of ABI, today saw this video I shot some time ago. He told me to post it on the front page. It’s shot with the nifty EOS MovRec tool on my Canon EOS 40D. It’s basically pixel perfect – what you see is what you get. You know what it’s about.

References: NothingButTabletsEOS MovRec, Rockbox, Doom

Make a tiny USB plug for your Sansa Clip

clip plug main Make a tiny USB plug for your Sansa Clip

The Sansa Clip(+) is an awesome player. Small, cheap, yet very powerful and with very good sound quality. unfortunately the 15 hour battery is one of its weakest points, and you might need to charge it a couple of times if you’re away for a few days. The cable that comes with it isn’t exactly that big, but it could be smaller- here’s how you make one that is.

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Sansa Clip Modded into a Grenade

mp3grenade main Sansa Clip Modded into a Grenade

Our favorite little player got crammed into a once live grenade. The project creator Matt said that this genuine “decommissioned training grenade” was indeed a legal purchase in the state of New York, but stressed the purchase a bit. He used a 2GB Sansa Clip, but I think a Sansa slotPlayer may have been a bit of a better choice. The MP3 grenade is something that will surely turn some heads or alert the authorities walking around in any city. Just don’t scream “detonating!” when pressing the big red button used to change tracks. Getting though airport security should be a bit of a challenge as well.

[NYC Resistor | Make | Flickr via Gizmodo]

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Pelican Cases for MP3 Players (i1010)

pelican i1010 main Pelican Cases for MP3 Players (i1010)

When I fly I usually pack several MP3 players but only one for the seat since is such a pain to dig around in those tiny seats. In the past I have used a simple soft case to hold the player and the Shure SE530s (Amazing isolation and sound quality for flying, ‘eff Bose!) all in one neat package. Though I did always worry about smashing it in between a seat or dropping it in the boarding and unboarding chaos.

So I stumbled on this little gem today at Best Buy. It’s made for the iPod (Ew, I know right?) but will work with anything that will fit. There is also a headphone cable leading from the inside to a plug on the outside for waterproof use.

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Sansa Clip Firmware 01.01.30 Released

8gbclip Sansa Clip Firmware 01.01.30 Released

After we learned about the 8GB Sansa Clip a few days ago the crave for a new firmware and FLAC support has grown even stronger. Well people you can stop hoping, FLAC support is now available along with other updates through the 01.01.30FW.

Along with FLAC support the update brings general upgrades like better M3U playlist support and faster database updates. There are also a lot of bug fixes which alone should be worth the update. Along with the 01.01.30 firmware theres a 2.01.16 update apparently linked to “hardware revision 2″. No one really knows what this is at the moment but it might be the 8GB Clip. Hit the jump for a changelog on 01.01.30.

[ABi Forum Download Page|SanDisk Forum Official Release Thread]

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8GB Sansa Clip Coming Soon?

8gbclip 8GB Sansa Clip Coming Soon?

The Sansa Clip has sold beyond all expectations and SanDisk’s willingness to listen to users when it comes to adding features have made it a really good choice for an MP3 player. The one gripe people have had with it is lack of storage as even though it has a bigger brother (the Fuze) capable of both 8GB capacities and microSD expansion, the Clip itself has maxed out at 4GB…until now.

A French store selling all versions of the Clip has a posting of a 8GB clip available in both black and silver like the 4GB version. It’s currently listed as a pre-order with unknown release date for the black version and a September 30th release date for the silver version, which happens to be tomorrow. While it’s unlikely it will come out tomorrow it does appear to be legit; the price of about 90 Euro is far higher than that of the 65 Euro 4GB version and so it’s doubtful it’s a typo. If it turns out to be true this should make a lot of people happy, me included.

[] (thanks Benoit for the tip!)

SanDisk Gives the Sansa Clip a Major Update

clip fw SanDisk Gives the Sansa Clip a Major Update

Having used a Cowon D2 for over a year I must admit that I was losing hope in the manufacturers’ ability to make useful firmware updates that actually fix stuff and add useful features instead of breaking what’s already there and adding “scicntific” calculators. Luckily it’s not just Samsung that knows how to do firmware and the latest update to the Sansa Clip shows that there is still hope if a player doesn’t have everything you want at release. Read on to find out what’s new in 1.01.29

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SanDisk Sansa Clip vs Creative Zen Stone Plus

clip vs stoneplus SanDisk Sansa Clip vs Creative Zen Stone Plus

The Sansa Clip recently proved that it’s a better player than the iPod Shuffle in a faceoff here on abi>>. We won’t let it rest however, as it’s time for it to take on a stronger opponent, feature wise – the Creative Zen Stone Plus.

With both players being available up to 4GB (once the silver clip is released), and both of them featuring pretty much the same features from a technical point of view, this is set to be a much closer competition. Read on to see the face-off.

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