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8GB iriver clix2 is in Sight

iriver clix2 8GB 8GB iriver clix2 is in Sight

Anybody who has been holding out in hope of the promise of an iriver clix2 with 8GB, your wait, although not yet over, hasn’t been in vain. The release date for Korea has recently been marked as July 11 by iriver, but news of a capacity increase for the remainder of the world is still nowhere in sight.

Before jealousy and impatience gets the better of us all, let me remind you that a product launch in Korea is a reasonable indication that your wait for the second generation iriver clix will before long come to a close. Besides, Rhapsody support may just make it all the more enjoyable for you.

[iriver (Korea)]

iriver clix2 Gains Rhapsody Support

iriver clix2 iriver clix2 Gains Rhapsody Support

Some pleasant news for many Rhapsody subscribers has been released today, as iriver and Real have announced the launch of the clix Rhapsody. The partnership will integrate features which are exclusively compatible with Rhapsody services into the popular second generation clix, in much the same way as Sandisk’s Sansa 200R series of digital audio players.

The new model will automatically be updated with music from personalized Rhapsody channels each time it is connected to the service. Rhapsody components are then included in the device’s interface to allow the presentation of album art, editorial reviews, and the ability to rate songs, albums, and artists.

A 4GB version of the clix Rhapsody can already be purchased online for $190. Alternatively Rhapsody compatibility can be implemented on the clix2 by applying firmware from iriver’s website.

[Press Release via Engadget]

4GB iriver clix Will Sell for $200

4GB iriver clix 4GB iriver clix Will Sell for $200

Look what has finally landed on the iriver site! That’s right. There it is. The 4GB iriver clix that first broke our hearts this summer and that we’ve all been craving ever since.

Sporting a new all-black casing, the clix has been priced at a very reasonable $199.99 and will begin shipping as soon as the “click here to buy” link on the product page is redirected (it currently points to the 2GB clix, which sells for $169.99). We’re not sure when this will happen, but it’s likely to be very soon.

So when’s the 8GB model coming out?

[Product Page via Engadget]

4GB iriver clix Coming Next Week?

iriver clix 4gb 4GB iriver clix Coming Next Week?

Update: Now available at Amazon 4GB iriver clix Coming Next Week?

So, a guy walks into a bar Best Buy. He is looking for the iriver clix and asks one of those blue shirt helper guys where they are. The man points but deals a bit of other helpful information. He continues to tell the clix seeking man that they will be getting in the 4GB clix next week for $250 MSRP. Nano who?

The clix is a very cool device and the 4 gigs sweetens the deal, even though we have a fingers crossed for 6 and 8GB, but let’s not get greedy. I encourage everyone to check it out if they are in the market for a flash player. You may also want to check out the clix review I did not too long ago.

This first person account of this Best Buy incident account was passed on to us by forum member mincho. Thanks!

iRiver clix Review

iriver clix main iRiver clix Review

The Clix is iRiver’s updated version of their U10. Although they share the same form factor the insides are slightly different with a faster processor and a faster easier to use interface. The new Clix also comes with more memory at a better price point than the U10. The U10 is a great player but did not sell too well in the US due to the premium price. Now, the 2GB Clix comes priced competitively inline with high capacity flash players like the Samsung Z5, iPod Nano, and the SanDisk Sansa e200.

Check out the iRiver Clix Forum for discussion and help with the Clix

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