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Next Generation of iriver Players

iriver w10 1 Next Generation of iriver Players

The most recent development on the long awaited W10 (which drew a reasonable amount of interest at iriver’s display at CES in January) is a scheduled release for this November. Although iriver’s products haven’t always been the quickest to make the journey to every country, there shouldn’t be a prolonged wait before the W10 appears in the US as its Wi-Fi based navigation system includes maps and information for ten major US cities.

A handful of images accompanied by some very limited information on forthcoming players from iriver have also spread to iriverFans. These include an unnamed 0.27-inch thick PMP with a 4.1-inch AMOLED, an extremely thin audio player, the previously flaunted 4.3-inch P10, and a range of new colors for the Mplayer.

Furthermore, a claim is made that iriver will announce four additional devices before the year’s end, which will be a hard drive based Clix3 with a 3-inch LCD, two GPS navigation devices (4.3-inch M20 and 7-inch M30), and a necklace player called the N20.


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