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Chukka- Kinetic Powered MP3 Player Concept

chukka main Chukka  Kinetic Powered MP3 Player Concept

I am always fidgeting with something while I’m sitting still at my desk. Some might see this as annoying but others see this as uncaptured energy that could be used to charge our gadgets. The Chukka “Kenetic Music Player” does just that with an electromagnetic inducer wrapped up in a two cylindrical form factor. The concepts name is likely derived from “nunchaku” or nunchucks due to the form factor and the motion used to charge the player.

Hop over to the site to check out more photos and a video demo of how this concept might work.

[MASC Design via ABI Forums]

Musipen MP3 Player Concept

small1 Musipen MP3 Player Concept

In an industry which can every so often become congested in imitation and unoriginality, it’s always refreshing to see a new design that is exceptionally innovative. Chris Williams set out to create a music player with a unique design, rather than conforming with current players, which can still provide a highly usable interface.

The resulting Musipen confidently moves away from familiar formats, yet should prove to be equally portable and practical. Not only does the cylindrical form of the Musipen allow an increased screen space, but consequently the controls are very simple. Twisting and sliding each edge of the player navigates through menus and adjusts volume. The imaginative design would certainly provide a welcome change to the MP3 player industry.

If you would like to contact Chris he can be reached at chomefz at hotmail dot com.