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Cowon Shows off the i9

i9 main Cowon Shows off the i9

We are definitely excited to see some more products roll out from Cowon as the other brands have been rolling out and announcing their players for the holidays. The Cowon iAudio 9, or more commonly referred to as the Cowon i9, is the successor to the Cowon i6 and the flash version of the i6, the i7. I believe that the number 8 was skipped due to an eastern superstition. So we move right along to the new Cowon i9.

Not everything is known about this player, but from the splash page on Cowon’s Korean site the player has all the great features of the Cowon family like killer support for all kinds of audio codecs and it looks like it is adding some nice support for video files too: AVI, WMV, XViD, and ASF. It also states that it supports TV-Out, which could possibly mean video playback without conversion. Additionally, it will add a built-in speaker in a tiny package (42mm x 95mm x 8.9 mm). This could make a lot of Cowon fans happy for a more compact version of the S9 they have been carrying around.

[Cowon via Journal du Geek]

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