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The Cowon iAudio D1 4GB is No More.

iaudio d1 The Cowon iAudio D1 4GB is No More.

UK retailer Advanced MP3 Players has been informed by Cowon that the 4GB iAudio D1 flash player will not be produced due to demand and manufacturing issues.

The D1 is basically the same player as the iAudio 6, the world’s first 0.85″ HDD player. The improved flash version of this player would have been one excellent DAP, indeed. With its 160×128 OLED screen, MP3, WMA, Ogg, FLAC and WAV playback, next to MPEG4 video playback and a gigantic 60mW amplifier, strong enough to drive demanding full-sized headphones, it would have rocked the flash-DAP world. Did I already mention that the D1 would have sported DAB radio with recording and time shifting capabilities?

There’s no indication if Cowon still plans to release a 1GB or 2GB version of the player. We already have seen this problem once with Cowon, when they announced a 60GB version of the iAudio X5, then canceled their plans again – to finally give in to fan pressure and release the 60GB X5 after all.

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