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CrossRoads MylarOne Bijou 2/3, Quattro, Hippo VB, Hippo Boom Review

jaben 00 main CrossRoads MylarOne Bijou 2/3, Quattro, Hippo VB, Hippo Boom Review

It’s been quite a while since we reviewed the CrossRoads MylarOne X3/XB and X3i/XBi. While they were good sounding in-ear phones in the sub-$100 price range, their build quality was more than questionable. Jaben, the company behind the CrossRoads brand, certainly considered these shortcomings in durability when they designed the new versions of their MylarOnes. We’re going to take a closer look at their Bijou 2, Bijou 3, and Quattro.

To make matters more confusing – or interesting – Jaben introduced a second brand of IEMs as well, called Hippo. While the MylarOne brand appears to be targeted more towards the “serious” listener, the Hippo brand seems to be catering more to the “fun” crowd. Well, at least that’s what the branding and naming scheme looks like to me. “Fun” might actually sound more scary than appealing in this audio context – but fear not, the Hippos are of course nothing like, say, your average Skullcandy IEMs. We’re going to analyze the Hippo VB (Variable Bass) and Hippo Boom in our super secret ABI laboratories, right after the jump.

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CrossRoads MylarOne X3i & XBi Review

crossroads mylarone x3i xbi main CrossRoads MylarOne X3i & XBi Review

The Korean audio brand CrossRoads and their Singaporean distributor Jaben gained quite some positive reputation for their MylarOne line of canalphones. Their now discontinued X3 and XB phone variants are said to be among the really good choices in the $60 price range of in ear phones. Recently, CrossRoads upgraded their product line with the newly introduced X3i and XBi models. The X3i is the more “linear” sounding model, while the XBi is the bass heavier one. Let’s see if they live up to the hype and reputation of the former MylarOne phones…

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