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MobiBLU CUBISTO – The third in the series

cubisto main MobiBLU CUBISTO   The third in the series

Yes yet another cute cube by MobiBLU. Even though it is the third installment of the cube, it does take a hit on some of the specs from the Cube 2. The CUBISTO will not have video playback and the OLED screen will only be monochrome. But, I don’t think you will be missing much considering the screen is a mere .66 inches. The player will support MP3 and WMA file types with PlaysForSure compatibility. The CUBISTO will come in capacities of 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB. There is no word on the US release of the third cube, but judging from previous releases, you probably won’t see it till mid next year.

[MobiBLU Korea via dapreview]

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