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Panasonic D-Snap SV-SD950N Includes Bluetooth

d snap sv sd950n Panasonic D Snap SV SD950N Includes Bluetooth

As a growing number of portable devices are offering Bluetooth functions, Panasonic has enhanced the D-Snap SV-SD850N to offer A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP Bluetooth profiles. The SV-SD950N makes use of the missing corner of its controls as it implements a button which allows calls to be made and received when paired with a mobile phone. It is also possible to transferring files and transmitting audio to Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

The SV- SD950N still offers the same features as the previous model, including the 60 hour battery life, noise isolation, and storage relying completely on SD/SDHC cards. The additional Bluetooth capabilities do come at a price as the new model will sell for an equivalent of about $220.

[Press Release via Akihabara News]

First Appearance of the iriver P10

iriver p10 First Appearance of the iriver P10

Pictures of iriver players yet to be released have been splashed all over the company’s Korean site in the past week, most without more information than what we were already presented with at CES earlier the year. At the moment, the attention is focused on a fresh portable media player we’ve not seen before, the P10.

So far we can tell that the P10 will be of a smaller than average size for a PMP with a screen that makes up the majority of it. Lack of tactile controls suggests that a D-Click system will be used. For now it’s probably safe to assume that the chic device will also be available in white and black, but more information is bound to arise before the launch later this year.

[iriver (Korea)]

iriver U: MO Supports Satellite Mobile Service

iriver umo iriver U: MO Supports Satellite Mobile Service

Music and video content from Japanese satellite content provider Mobile USEN will make its way onto iriver’s U: MO PMP by the end of the month, but it will not be available for purchase. Instead, the player can only be rented for ¥2200 ($18) with Mobile USEN content for an extra ¥980 ($8).

The body of the device appears to be identical to the DMB-enabled B20, and it shares the same 2.4-inch display (with 320 x 240 pixels and 260k colors), D-Click navigation system, arrangement of tactile buttons, file formats (MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, WMV, and MPEG-4), and black and white colors. As more emphasis is placed on the availability of 8 video and 40 music channels (both types are recordable), the U: MO will only have a 1GB capacity. Expansion is offered through a MicroSD slot and the comparatively large antenna can be removed to reduce the size.

[Press Release via Impress]

iRiver S10 Details

iriver s10 iRiver S10 Details

Take a quick look and you could easily mistake this sweet little player for a slimmed down version of the iRiver clix. But in fact, it’s the brand new iRiver S10, the latest addition to the company’s line of devices utilizing the D-Click interface. The featherweight S10 tips the scales at 0.61 ounces and measures just 1.65″ x 1.18″ x 0.43″, so the 8-hour battery life is disappointing but not too unexpected. Supported file types include MP3, ASF, Ogg Vorbis, and WMA audio; there’s also an FM radio and recorder.

The measly support of only BMP images and tiny 1.15″ OLED display are both clear indications that the player won’t be venturing out of its “DAP with no video” category, but who cares? This thing is tiny! (Check out the picture after the jump for proof)

Beginning September 18, the lucky folks in South Korea can snag the 1GB and 2GB players for about $140 and $175, respectively.


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