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How to Turn Your Cowon D2 Into a D2+

d2 d2 plus main How to Turn Your Cowon D2 Into a D2+

An updated version of the D2 was just released a few weeks ago and dubbed the D2+. Many of us where a bit puzzled as to the minimal changes made through out the firmware. Changes were made in the firmware adding BBE+ enhancement and new GUI with the psychical design being the biggest noticeable change. Though now we know that most of the internal components have remained unchanged thanks to a few industrious and enthusiastic D2 owners.

It turns out that the D2+ firmware can be brute forced onto the D2 with a tool developed by the Rockbox crew, TCCTool- originally used to load firmware on bricked Telechip based devices. The steps to do this can be found in the D2 forums- Martin has even updated his popular More Mono theme to the D2+ firmware.

Updating the design, giving it a firmware refresh, and calling it a D2+ is a great idea, but leaving old D2 users behind in the firmware refresh is another story. The Zune has already set the precedent for this when they still continue to update 2+ year old hardware with the same firmware as on the newest Zunes. So D2 fans become quite envious of the Zune and a bit abandoned Cowon. With that said, it would be honorable of them to go ahead and give the long time D2 owners the D2+ firmware upgrade without having to hack it. Hacks might cause an increase in support too.

Below are a few photos of the D2 running the D2+ firmware as well as RMAA proof showing that changing the firmware has also changed the sound signature from BBE to BBE+.

Update: Cowon contacted us to warn that there is risk in bricking (damaging/rendering it useless) your D2 by doing this. So in my words, do this at your own risk.

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Cowon To Release the D2+

cowon d2 plus Cowon To Release the D2+

Cowon is doing a slight refresh on their popular D2, a player we named one of the 5 players of 2008. The product page. is in Korean, but one of the guys from Cowon’s overseas sales department emailed me to tell me there were these 3 improvements in the D2+: BBE+ sound enhancements, a brand new GUI, and updated physical design.

Sure it may not be huge news and many of you are looking towards the S9, but its nice to have the choice of this form factor. I am especially curious to see what this new GUI looks like and you have to admit that murdered out all black design is pretty hot.

The D2+ will released on the 24th of February for those interested.

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