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Cowon iAudio X7 TBA in September at IFA

cowon iaudio x7 Cowon iAudio X7 TBA in September at IFA

You never can tell with these Cowon rumors and release dates, but the guys over at French MP3 player site GenerationMP3 got word straight from Cowon that the X7 will be announced at this years European electronics show, IFA. Cowon fans are crossing their fingers that this will actually be the first glimse we get of this elusive device. It is also reported that this will indeed be a hard drive based player registering in at 60GB and 80GB capacities.

However, I think that many of us are also crossing our fingers hoping that Cowon does not follow the trendy and less practical touch screen / touch pad rout for the X5 successor. Tactile interfaces for the win! The D2 is an awesome device, but its touch screen interface lends to usability issues in many situations. Speaking of which will get a memory boost to 16GB very soon. More to come on both devices…

Fake X7 photo courtesy of iAudiophile =)


Cowon iAudio D2 Review

cowon iaudio d2 main Cowon iAudio D2 Review

The D2 is Cowon’s first ultra portable video player and their first foray into the wondrous world of touch screens. Although similar in appearance to the iriver clix, the D2 sports some significant differences under the hood: things usually not found in this class of players like TV output, support for lossless audio codecs, and an SD/SDHC card slot for unlimited expansion.

Let’s see if the D2 lives up to the reputation Cowon earned with some of their earlier players…

Please check out the iAudio D2 Forum for discussion and help with the D2.

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Cowon D2 Now Available in the U.S.

cowon d2 usa Cowon D2 Now Available in the U.S.

If last month’s disassembly pictorial of the Cowon D2 had you contemplating a trip to Korea, take a moment now to read the fineprint on your e-ticket. We hope the word “refundable” is there somewhere because the PMP has just been added to virtual shelves throughout North America.

Retailers like Amazon,, and B&H all have the 2GB and 4GB players (in black and white) in stock or available for preorder for $190 and $220, respectively. We’re not overjoyed at the pricing, but it’s actually not too bad given the D2′s specs and tasty little touchscreen.

[Product Page via Digital Trends]

Cowon iAudio D2 Disassembled

cown d2 main Cowon iAudio D2 Disassembled

Cowon’s new portable media player, the D2, is a touch screen flash based player with a really great form factor. Along with Cowon’s usual great sound quality, the D2 sports a very impressive and rarely found feature of a 16.2 million color screen. But this isn’t a review, it is another guild to cracking open your precious gadget.

The disassembly is fairly easy if you are somewhat mechanically inclined. But the guide may not be useful as the battery looks to be custom and not user replaceable even if you can get into the player. Nonetheless, Cowon has pretty good customer service and will repair their devices at a reasonable cost. Really, this guide is just for the pr0n of it… enjoy…

Please be sure to check out the in depth iAudio D2 review for another candid look at this fine player.

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Cowon D2 PMP Coming Soon

cowon d2 Cowon D2 PMP Coming Soon

South Koreans celebrate Harvest Festival Day a few months before Americans baste turkeys for Thankgiving, the holiday’s U.S. equivalent. But that won’t stop our Asian friends from giving thanks for Cowon’s new D2 portable media player, which is scheduled to be released in Korea in mid-November for an unknown amount of SKW.

The D2 has a 2.5-inch LCD (320 x 240) that shows off 16 million colors when playing back WMV9/MPEG4 movies, MP3/WMA/Ogg/FLAC tracks, and whatever’s on the DMB tube. The 2GB PMP also features an SD/MMC expansion card slot, FM radio and recorder, TV-Out, line-in recording, and touchscreen interface.

Cross your fingers for the D2 (sans DMB tuner) to make it to the States in time for Christmas.

[CDPkorea via dapreview]