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Goodbye, Zeros

Noughties Goodbye, Zeros

The decade is almost over, and it’s been quite a ride. In ten years, we’ve gone from MP3 players so embarrassingly bulky you could probably kill a large animal with them, to something so compact you could lose it in your very own pocket. We’ve gone from being able to take a handful of songs with us, to being able to carry entire collections. Noisy, bulky, mechanical storage was replaced by silent, compact, efficient flash memory. We’ve gone from syncing via parallel ports to being able to sync without wires at all. Black and white dot-matrix LCDs capable of showing a few lines of text are now full color, capable of displaying brilliant full-motion video.

Okay, so maybe Anything But iPod wasn’t around for the first part of the decade, but it’s been amazing bringing you the latest news and reviews for the second half. We’d like to say thank you for being here with us for the last 5 years, as none of this would be possible without you. We’re looking forward to being right here with you for the journey into the next ten years of audio player tech.

So here’s to the next 10, which hopefully will bring more amazing tech, flying cars, and meals in pills. Unfortunately, it will likely bring zombies instead. Lots of zombies.