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Doom Ported to the Zune HD and the Creative Zii EGG

A few days ago the talented hackers on ZuneBoards created “OpenZDK” that will allow programming of 3D games and applications- something that XNA would not allow on the Zune HD. So what would be the first logial 3D game to port to the Zune HD? …Doom of course.

In other related news, Doom was also ported to the Creative Zii EGG’s Plaszma OS. Video below.

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Creative Uses Developers’ Applications in Advertisement without Permission

zen x fi2 ad Creative Uses Developers’ Applications in Advertisement without Permission

Update 4/14/2010: Creative contacted me on their own accord shortly after this article was posted to get a list of the developers they offended. As a token of their appreciation Creative sent these devs some Auravana In-Ear2 headphones and a wireless bluetooth speaker system- the Inspire S2. So a speacial thanks to Creative from ABI and the developers for making good on this issue!

There is a great group of developers in our forum programming new applications for the Creative Zen X-Fi2. To date they have created 36 applications that range from simple sound boards to solitary to the classic pong.

In a recent advertisement sent out via email, Creative pictured and touted these member created applications as “NEW enhanced features!” without crediting its creators whatsoever. Most developers have mixed emotions as our X-Fi2 Development Moderator, Habhome stated: “It’s both an honor and a bit of a let-down. They could’ve asked before.”. I tend to agree, it’s fantastic that Creative is paying attention to the community but a big disappointment that there is no dialog or acknowledgment of their hard work.

So Creative, step up and recognize who is creating “NEW enhanced features!” to your products. It’s the right thing to do. It also wouldn’t hurt to throw a Creative swag bag and an apology to these truly creative developers.

[Learn more about Creative X-Fi2 Development | Download X-Fi2 Applications]

Creative Releases an Application Development Kit for the Zen X-Fi2

zen x fi adk Creative Releases an Application Development Kit for the Zen  X Fi2

While creative is taking small steps with the ZiiEGG development they have not forgotten about their other flag ship in the Zen series, the X-Fi2. The ADK can be downloaded now and comes with a Zen X-Fi2 simulator, programmers guide, and an API reference. The scripting language for the Zen X-Fi2 is based on Lua. Lua is a lightweight scription language that seems to be catching on. It has been used in places like Adobe’s Lightroom and World of Warcraft.

If you are interested in learning more about Lua, check out their site. If you would like to dive in and start programming for the X-Fi2, a developer group has started in the X-Fi2 Application Development Forums.

Patiently Waiting for Zune Apps, In the meantime…

zune apps main Patiently Waiting for Zune Apps, In the meantime…

In the Zune HD forums there are some frustrated Zune HD users patiently waiting for more Zune applications. I do sympathize with them since it is a little bit disparaging having such a powerful Nvidia Tegra device being limited by application releases. In the thread, Microsoft’s DaveMac-MS cannot yet offer a time table for app releases but does offer this:
“I’ll be able to tell you more about the Twitter and Facebook apps once they’re out – in the meantime, there are a number of cogs in this wheel and we’d rather stick to a quality-driven release schedule, than a date-driven one.”

The important piece of info here is “quality-driven”. The time frame is no doubt frustrating and no excuses should be made for the slow release but it is good to hear that time is being spent to get it right the first time. Too many devices recently have been rushed to store shelf unfinished and buggy. Recent examples: Archos 5, Motorola Droid, Creative Zen X-Fi2. It’s a sad trend in the device industry we see way too often.

No information on upcoming apps for the Zune HD is available at this time, but in the mean time you can check out some demo’s and proof of concepts currently being made Zune enthusiast Roguemat to get an idea of what is to come.