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Sharp Papyrus PW-TC900 MP3 Player/TV Dictionary

sharp papyrus PW TC900 Sharp Papyrus PW TC900 MP3 Player/TV Dictionary

Talk about convergence!

Here we have the upcoming Sharp Papyrus PW-TC900 uberdictionary showing off its QWERTY keyboard and swiveling 480 x 272 display. The clamshell device looks a lot like the company’s Zaurus line of Linux-based PDAs, but what makes the Papyrus stand out is its built-in 1Seg TV tuner (notice the antenna). And if there’s nothing good on the tube, just pop an SD card into the integrated expansion slot to transform the electronic English-Japanese dictionary into an MP3 player and photo viewer.

The Papyrus PW-TC900 will be available in Japan on December 8th. No word yet on price.

[Press Release via Akihabara News]

iRiver D25 MP3 Player Dictionary

iriver D25 iRiver D25 MP3 Player Dictionary

More reminiscent of a Nintendo DS Lite than of its predecessor, the iRiver D25 is one of those more-than-just-a-dictionary gadgets that are quite the must-have in Asia. The clamshell device opens to reveal a 4.3-inch LCD sporting 260K colors and an English QWERTY keyboard complete with navigation buttons and function keys. And of course no multilingual dictionary would be complete without mp3 playback, FM radio, voice recorder, games, text-to-speech capabilities, and text/photo viewer.

The D25 ships with 1.3GB onboard flash memory and also has a built-in SD/MMC expansion card slot. An included lithium battery will provide 16 hours of dictionary fun and an unspecified amount of time for other activities.

Measuring 5.3 x 3.7 x 0.8 inches, the iRiver D25 will be available next week in Korea for about $400.

[ via dapreview]

Merriam-Webster MWD-480 MP3 Player Dictionary

merriam webster mwd 480 Merriam Webster MWD 480 MP3 Player Dictionary

Merriam-Webster has a new twist on their latest dictionary. In addition to words, definitions, and phonetics, this dictionary can also contain beats, tunes, tracks and mixes. The device has no internal memory but it has an SD slot where you can add 2GB+ of MP3s via a built in USB connection. With the inclusion of a QWERTY keyboard I could imagine the “MP3 player” navigation could be quite good. The MWD-480 is available now for $80 on Franklin’s website, just in time for back to school shopping.

[Franklin via MobileWhack]