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Would You Pay $80 For a 95 Page PDF “Keepsake” of Your Favorite Band?

europe Would You Pay $80 For a 95 Page PDF “Keepsake” of Your Favorite Band?

The Swedish rock band “Europe” has been on my CD shelf since I was little even though it’s not among my top favorite bands anymore. Still, the initial joy was there when I received a newsletter from them a few days ago. During the last tour they had a photographer with them documenting the trip and this was now available as a 95 page PDF download described to have “135 high-resolution, printable images, documenting the band as they roll from city to city”. The e-mail didn’t say anything about price, so as I clicked the link I wasn’t sure if I’d find a free download or if I had to pay a little for the pleasure of this tour book.

As the page loaded my jaw dropped to the floor. 50 Euro was the price they asked for this download, which translates to about $80 USD. I figured it had to be some sort of a joke, but it soon hit me they were serious. Another thing that really made me wonder what they were thinking was the description on the download store: “IN: EUROPE is a collector’s keepsake offered exclusively for download from the band’s MP3 store, and is not something you will want to miss!”. Can you really say that a PDF file is a keepsake? Is there any real value in having a book that you either need to print or sit by the screen to enjoy?

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