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Dell DJ Ditty Is Dead (But Not Buried)

dell dj ditty Dell DJ Ditty Is Dead (But Not Buried)

Although an official announcement has yet to be made, several places (including Wikipedia) are reporting that Dell discontinued its 512MB DJ Ditty flash player last week and that nothing but error messages abound when searching for the device on the company’s online store.

Well, Dell must have caught wind of the reports and mistook the spike in traffic as renewed interest, because it is in fact still selling the players. The DJ Ditty website now redirects you to Dell’s main mp3 player section, where the Ditty and a handful of accessories can be accessed (and subsequently purchased) through the sidebar.

Production of the players may have come to an end, but you can still get yours – if only for posterity – for $58 (w/90-day service) or $69 (w/1-year advanced exchange service)…at least for now.

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