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The DP250, First Siren DAP from iriver

siren dp250 The DP250, First Siren DAP from iriver

Following the acquisition of Siren earlier in the year, the first DAP released by iriver under their new brand will be the DP250. Holding a simple design which is nevertheless characteristic of iriver the player presents a number of functions that very few others do in its class.

Two approaches are taken to free your music from your headphones and share it about, by having a 400mW built in speaker in addition to acting as an FM transmitter. The DP250 implements three methods of recording: voice, FM radio, and line-in. It will go on sale September 7 in white and black colors with 1GB for 9,980 Yen ($85) and 2GB 13,980 Yen ($120).

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