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Cowon Upgrades the E2 Firmware Based on Our Review

cowon iaudio e2 fimrwarefix Cowon Upgrades the E2 Firmware Based on Our Review

The Cowon E2 in my opinion is the best screenless MP3 player on the market, but I did take issue with the fact that there was no way to skip folders. From the Cowon E2 review:

“There is one missing, skip by folder. You can skip to the next track all you want but if you have a lot of tracks it might be rough to find what you want. If there was a way to navigate by folder it would make it much easier to find the music you want. It could be implemented one of two ways: a long press on the volume buttons or a combination of skip scan + the power button.”

Cowon sent me an email this morning to let me know this was updated:

“After reading your review, we decided to reflect your advice on our E2 firmware.”

Though I think that the solution that Cowon offers is better than the two methods I offered in my review. It is a similar solution to how it is done on Rockbox. Here is how it now works:

“To skip to the next folder, press FF button shortly, and within 2 seconds, press and hold FF button. (you will hear water drop sound) To skip to the previous folder, press REW button shortly, and within 2 seconds, press and hold REW button. (you will hear water drop sound) – Move to the first song if there is no folder. – Move to the first part of the song if there is only one song. – Skip by folder feature is not supported in shuffle mode.”

Join us in the Cowon forums where your opinion matters and respected by the people that make the devices you love.

Find the firmware on CowonGlobal or here is the direct download.

Cowon iAudio E2 Review

cowon iaudio e2 main Cowon iAudio E2 Review

I have never been a strong supporter of the screenless MP3 player. It is a niche product for those who want to just throw some tunes on a player and hit shuffle and I never really fell into this scenario. However, I will admit, I had a great time showing off this player because of its slick, modern, and ambiguous design.

Spoiler alert! This is the best MP3 player without a screen on the market. Read on to find out why.

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Cowon taking on the iPod shuffle with the E2?

iaudio e2 Cowon taking on the iPod shuffle with the E2?

The only thing known about the Cowon E2 is the picture you see above. Judging from it, the E2 will be small and most likely not have a screen. If the weird hiroglyphics on top has something to do with anything it might mean it uses various blinking lights to tell you what it wants, kinda like the Samsung S2 and R2D2.

If I’m to venture a guess, I’d say this will be a stick player that will be something in between a third generation iPod shuffle and the old Cowon T2. It’s hard to judge the size of the thing from the picture, but it looks an awfully lot like a pendant, which is possible if it’s the size of the iPod shuffle. No matter what, it’s nice to see Cowon updating their somewhat forgotten stick player players, as epic players such as the Sansa Clip killer Cowon U2 has long been forgotten by the MP3 player community. I’ll keep an extra good eye on this one for when Cowon releases some actual specs.

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